This Prada bag needs to be worn, like this.

This Prada bag needs to be worn, like this.

Let there be light -Style staple #14 Sun dress-

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It’s summer in Canada. Which is maximum 2 months out of the 12. Finally it’s hot out, which means you and I need a new summer dress.

I’ve always pictured the perfect summer dress as light, airy, and undoubtedly floral. After all, it’s not summer unless  it’s filled with flowers, everywhere.

I am old now and can no longer sport anything super short. Instead, I opted for something just above the knee, showing just the right amount of legs without hanging my behind out for the world to see.

I like something that flows, for those rare moments when you feel like twirling in circles as if you were 5 again.

And as the saying goes, “happiness is a beautiful dress that doesn’t need ironing”, so be sure to look for a dress that doesn’t wrinkle easily and you’ll be able to wear it as soon as you land in a sunny destination.

Even if you can’t get away, I would still urge you to visit a park, pack a picnic, and hop on the green lawn in your favorite summer dress.

Animal Instinct -Style staple #13 leopard print-

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Leopard print is like the fresh strawberries on top of a gourmet cheesecake. The cake may still taste good without the fruit topping but it wouldn’t look nearly as mouthwatering. You won’t deem it as Instagram worthy because deep down, you know something is missing.

That’s how leopard print works. It was never meant to serve as the “main dish” as you’ll end up looking like something escaped out of a zoo in head-to-toe leopard. Rather, it acts as the strawberry that punctuates your look.

It’s as universally flattering as black, if styled in the right way, best with denim of all kinds: jeans, shirts, and daisy dukes. Leopard has a way of injecting excitement to your look like the same way that extra shot of vodka does.

Try adding a leopard belt to an otherwise opaque ensemble.

Wrap yourself in a leopard scarf to add warmth to a basic black turtle neck.

Pair leopard flats with cuffed up jeans. Sport a leopard headband. Change up your watch wrist band from plain leather to leopard print.

… et al

Find your basic animal instinct and add some strawberry to your cheesecake.

The Bling Ring -Style staple #12 the right hand ring-

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 Many years ago, there was a diamond ring ad campaign I loved called “The Right Hand Ring”.

It featured quirky and empowering slogans that read your left hand says “I love you” and your right hand says “I love me too”.

I liked the refreshing perspective of celebrating you and you alone. It’s a novel idea to own an important ring that’s neither for your engagement nor wedding. It’s to acknowledge a milestone you’ve achieved, award a promotion you’ve earned, and to remember a journey you took. It’s about pushing yourself higher when you’re feeling down and pulling yourself together when you’re flying high.

Here, I want to try a few “right hand ring” lines myself:

Your left hand knows its limits. Your right hand wants to have it all.

Your left hand asks for permission. Your right hand begs for forgiveness.

Your left hand writes the wedding vows. Your right hand plans the Bachelorette party.

Your left hand says “I’ll think about it”. Your right hand says “I’ll take it”

“Women of the world, raise your right hand”